Rutter’s Return to Rockville Lacrosse

Varsity lacrosse head coach Jesse Rutter ('06) (center) initially coached varsity football but then moved to lacrosse which he played at RHS.

Emily Tran, Staff Writer

June 12, 2019

What started out as a mere interest in a sport has guided this player back to where it all began 10 years ago to continue his lacrosse career as a coach. From the first time picking up a lacrosse stick at the age of 14, he quickly began breaking high school records. Lacrosse isn’t just a sport for English te...

Students Win Girls Singles, Boys Doubles Tennis State Championship

Pictured left to right: Senior Dennis Piliptchak, freshman Sania Suchinsky and junior Keeyan Mirzai celebrate May 25 after winning the tennis state championship.

Brendan Stewart, Sports Managing Editor

June 11, 2019

Freshman Sania Suchinsky, junior Keeyan Mirzai and senior Dennis Piliptchak were crowned 3A state tennis champions May 25 after Suchinsky won her girls’ singles match and partners Mirzai and Piliptchak won boys’ doubles. Playing against Laura Feckova from Great Mills High School (HS), Suchinsky won...

2019 Model Rams Announced at Varsity Banquet

Seniors Matthew DiFonzo and Briana O'Neil pose with their plaques after winning the Model Rams awards for the class of 2019.

Nathan Pianalto, Sports Managing Editor

June 11, 2019

Seniors Briana O’Neil and Matthew DiFonzo were awarded the 2019 BJ Thomson Model Ram award at the varsity sports banquet May 23. The award is granted to one male and one female student who contribute extraordinary service to the community while demonstrating merit in academics, athletics and leader...

Video: Redskins Future After Recent NFL Draft

Video: Redskins Future After Recent NFL Draft

Eve Weeks, Multimedia Writer

June 11, 2019

Video Editing by Vaughan Westcott

NBA Mock Draft 2019

NBA Mock Draft 2019

Jack Horan, Staff Writer

June 6, 2019

The June 20 NBA draft  is quickly approaching, and it contains many potential stars that could change the NBA in the near future. The Rampage has created a mock draft of which draftees would fit best on the 14 lottery teams in the draft.   1-New Orleans Pelicans select Zion Williamson, ...

Trainer and Alumni: Robert Kambies

Trainer and Alumni: Robert Kambies

June 5, 2019

Like most high school seniors, when Robert Kambies graduated from RHS in 2009 he was content with the idea that he might never be back.  But six years later he was back, this time at every home sports game as Rockville’s certified athletic trainer. He has the same set up each night, sitting on the sidelines with...

NCAA Should Allow Athletes to Make Money Off Their Likeness, Accept Sponsors

Duke guard RJ Barret and forward Zion Williamson celebrate during a timeout. NCAA players such as Williamson should allow their athletes to make money off their likeliness and sponsors.

Aiden Brami, Copy Editor

June 3, 2019

As the major college sports season comes to an end, there will be about six months of calm until fans and the media argue once again whether to pay NCAA athletes. The debate on whether these athletes should be eligible to be paid or not will never come to a solution that will satisfy both sides; the...

RHS Athletes’, Coaches’ Pre-Game Superstitions

Left, Jailen Anderson. Right, Raymond Trail.

Nathan Pianalto, Staff Writer

May 31, 2019

It’s an hour before game time, and junior Jailen Anderson heads to his room to get ready for the big game. Out of his dresser he grabs his jersey, shorts, shoes, two pairs of socks and his lucky Pop-Tart boxers. Without four socks and his favorite underwear, Anderson is unable to play to the best o...

Rams to Watch: Lucas Ribaudo and Mary Pankowski

Rams to Watch: Lucas Ribaudo and Mary Pankowski

Nathan Pianalto and Paige Krawczel

May 23, 2019

Lucas Ribaudo “I am just another guy on the team,” sophomore Lucas Ribaudo said. “We have many talented baseball players, but it's our mental strength and collectivity that more so helps us succeed on the field.” Ribaudo, as varsity baseball pitcher and second baseman has established himself a...

Co-ed Volleyball Swept by Warriors in First Semifinal Appearance in 20 Years

Senior hitters Deondre Tilman and Aidan Brami attempt to block one of Sherwood’s hits. The Rams made it to the second round of playoffs for the first time in 20 years, before falling to the undefeated Sherwood Warriors.

Elizabeth DiFonzo, Staff Writer

May 17, 2019

After an intense week of post-season volleyball, varsity Co-Ed volleyball team’s season came to an end after falling to the Sherwood Warriors in three sets at Sherwood High School (HS) May 9. This comes off a previous playoff win May 7 against the fourth-seeded Gaithersburg Trojans in the quarter-final pl...

Hill Rides Saddle Into Spotlight

Hill Rides Saddle Into Spotlight

Elizabeth Difonzo, Staff Writer

May 15, 2019

Most people imagine winning a sports game by scoring goals or points. For junior equestrian Genevieve Hill, she wins competitions by riding through complex obstacles on a horse, jumping over fences at different heights. Hill has tried gymnastics, archery, dance, track and baseball, but didn’t fee...

Biggest Moves of the NFL Offseason…So Far

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was traded to the Cleveland Browns from the New York Giants earlier this spring, sending Jabrill Peppers to the Giants.

Brendan Stewart, Staff Writer

May 10, 2019

Throughout this year’s NFL offseason, there have been many trades, deals and other changes to every team’s roster with the capability to have a massive impact on the upcoming season. To determine which changes will have the most impact, the Rampage focused on the role players had on their previous teams, th...

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