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Corporations and Cereal Killing the Campaign Trail

Aidan Brami, Financial Specialist
June 12, 2017

While many people are focused on politics in D.C., other powerful people in the U.S. are beginning to shape politics. Large food and drink corporations are starting to take more political stances on a variety of issues, but is this truly because they...

Poli-Ticks Me Off

Niko Baldwin and Jackie De Melo
April 27, 2017

Within the first months of his presidency, Donald Trump has proposed a 54 billion dollar budget increase in military spending, which will be purportedly funded by reducing many other federal expenditures which combat everything from poverty to climate...

Pro: Contact Sport Regulations

Michael Mantzouranis, Contributing Editor
April 27, 2017

While the excitement and exhilaration brought about by intense sports is entertaining for students and fans, it should not be the number one priority in school athletic events. That spot belongs to the health and safety of the players. Injuries to ...

The Student News Site of Rockville High School