RHS Lacrosse Coaches Share Family Tree


Anastasia Dakoulas

Will and Molly Morris walk off the field as Varsity Girls Lacrosse cheers before a game.

There are many sports coaches here at Rockville, and athletics couldn’t function without them. But have you ever stopped to wonder why so many are…related?

Will Morris heads varsity girls lacrosse, alongside Molly Morris who’s the assistant coach. Sam Coffey heads JV girls lacrosse. All three happen to belong to the same family tree, and together they run the girls lacrosse program at RHS. 

“We’ve all been around lacrosse for a while now, especially Molly and Sam who played in college, so we all have a lot of experience with it,” Will Morris said.

Here’s the family layout: Will Morris and Molly Morris are brother and sister, and Coffey is their cousin.

Both Molly Morris and Coffey played lacrosse in their youth, and Will Morris played a variety of sports as well. This love for lacrosse inspired their passion for coaching the sport.

“I played two sports in college, one of them being lacrosse, so getting out into the real world made me realize that I wanted to keep lacrosse a part of my life,” Coffey said. 

Originally, only Will Morris worked at Rockville, until he brought along some family members. Morris coached lacrosse at RHS for 5 years before Molly Morris and Coffey arrived. This is Will Morris’s sixth year and Molly Morris and Coffey’s first year coaching here at RHS.  

“I had an opportunity to coach here six years ago, took it, and it’s been an awesome experience ever since,” Will Morris said.

Despite it being her first year at Rockville, Molly Morris has coached at many other schools in the area. Through these, she furthered her passion for coaching. 

“I coached at Hood College in Frederick after I graduated,” Molly Morris said. “Then I coached at Washington Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania.”

Both Molly Morris and Coffey found their place at Rockville with an invitation from Will Morris after hearing that RHS was in need of some new coaches, and knowing a few through family, Rockville got its girls Lacrosse coaching team.

“Will reached out to me and told me their old JV coach left, and I was more than happy to come and help him,” Sam Coffey said.

For all three coaches, working together has been a fun, impactful experience. With joking around at practice and sharing meaningful advice, everyone has something to gain. 

“Learning from them, them learning from me, overall it’s just been a great learning opportunity and I’m glad I got to experience it,” Will Morris expressed.

Seeing each other often off the field, coaching has allowed the group to get closer and partake in the sport they all enjoy.

“To do something together that we all love, it’s been really rewarding,” Molly Morris said. 

Molly Morris and Coffey both believe you shouldn’t get your hopes up about another family member joining the coaching staff. However, Coach Morris might have other plans.

“We have a couple of cousins that are definitely interested in coaching,” Will Morris said. “We’ll definitely have to see.”