This year, RHS will be hosting its first Snow Ball Feb. 17 and while many students are excited about a new event taking place at RHS, they should see the event for what is actually is: just another homecoming or prom. With the dance fast approaching, it is time for students to decide whether or not the Snowball is a waste of money or a great investment.

The school already hosts two dances each year. If RHS is trying to find different ways to bring the students together, they should put together a different event that has never been done before.

The Snow Ball is a dressier event than homecoming, student government association (SGA) advisor Katie Gross said. So for students who do not like dressing up, this is clearly not a dance for them. But even for students who do enjoy dressing up, this will be yet another expensive one-nighter. Students are better off saving that money and spending it on something nice that will last longer than just one night.

Some have raised concerns about creating so many different events for seniors, including that it simply may not be worth it to attend another dance.

“I think it’s badly timed due to the fact that prom is fairly soon and people are already saving money for that, plus on top of that we have beach week,” senior Ronald Alfaro said.

Considering school expenses, this dance is going to cost a lot of money. Between paying for building services, security, tickets and a DJ, it will cost about $2000, Gross said.

Additionally, there is the probability that the school will invest more time and money than it gains depending on the amount of pre-sale tickets sold, so the event may actually hurt the school more than help it.

“The biggest thing is if we don’t have enough tickets sold by a certain day then we would have to cancel the dance,” Gross said.

Now, it is true that the money from the dance will be going to Lily Weaver’s family, which is an exceptionally noble and worthy cause. If the SGA is serious about fundraising a lot of money for Lily’s Hope then they should propose a new, exciting event for students, that is not already held twice each school year. Perhaps a movie night that allows students to relax with friends in a less formal and expensive setting.

Students will soon decide whether or not to attend the winter Snow Ball. Regardless of that choice, students should have have fun and in the future hopefully students can look forward to fresh and different events occurring at RHS.