Usually there is a long gap between the homecoming dance and prom, but this year many are looking forward to Feb. 17 for RHSa�� first annual winter Snow Ball, which will unite the school in a fun-filled night of dancing and music.

In years past, the school held two dances; the first is homecoming in the fall for the whole student body, put together by the Student Government Association (SGA), then prom in the spring for seniors and their guests. This year, students in the SGA approached SGA advisor Katie Gross with the idea of organizing a new winter formal for everyone. Because of the high student demand and persistence of the SGA officers, the school will test out a winter formal, Gross said.

Students enjoy the homecoming dance and for the past couple of years, it has increased its attendance rates by about 50 people, Gross said.

At this time in years past, homecoming would be long gone and for those not attending prom which most of the student body doesn’t attend, they would have to wait until the next school year for another dance. Furthermore, the Snow Ball also gives students the opportunity to make new memories and experiences.

Sophomore Mary Pankowski, who was unable to attend homecoming, said she is excited to go to the Snow Ball with her friends to have a good time and take pictures.
Unlike homecoming, the Snow Ball is meant be classier than the fall dance, but not as dressy as prom, with more formal and wintery decorations.

The SGA is also planning to provide donated desserts such as brownies at the dance so that students will not have to go through the hassle of bringing money.
Not only does the Snow Ball generate excitement among students, it will also benefit our members of the RHS family.

All of the profits made from the Snow Ball this year will be donated to the Patty Pollatos Fund, which will directly help Lily Weaver, daughter of physical education teacher Frank Weaver and their family. There have been many events at RHS to raise money for the Weavers and the Snow Ball is another great opportunity for students to show their support in Weaver’s fight against Ewing Sarcoma.

Finally, rather than having to pay for a ticket in cash during school, students also have the opportunity to pay for a cheaper price online eight days in advance.

This new system saves money since the SGA will not have to print as many tickets as Homecoming does and it will be more affordable for students.

With all of these benefits, Snow Ball is sure to become a new RHS tradition and one that students will not want to miss out on.