2000s Fashion Makes a Comeback


Graphic By Olivia Finnegan

The resurgence of 2000s fashion means a return to bucket hats and butterfly clips. Many students have embraced these 2000s trends you can see in the halls of RHS daily.

It’s no secret that many 2000s fashion trends are starting to resurface; from Air Jordans, to low rise jeans, 2000s fashion is on the rise. You may have seen this style revival around the halls.  

“Love it or loathe it, 2000s fashion is back—including Juicy Couture sweatsuits, trucker hats, and bootcut jeans,” Christian Allaire said in a Sept. 2 Vogue article titled “Are You Ready for the Return of Long Denim Skirts?”

The comeback appears in many different styles, from “Y2K” to “Emo.” Being in isolation during quarantine, the opportunity to experiment with new styles, and the nostalgia associated with the 2000s contributed to the resurgence of older trends.

“People are becoming more open with the way that they dress,” freshman Camila Sanchez said. 

While a lot of people add their own touch to old styles, many memories are also brought back from that era. 

“This time period has brought up a lot of reminiscing and nostalgia and of course that would mean fashion too, almost every trend right now is basically a remixed throwback,”  junior Alison Hared said.

The comeback of 2000s fashion has been reintroduced more inclusively. Everyone can feel welcome to try new styles, no matter their appearance or size. The new style that emerged from the 2000s gave people an opportunity to express themselves with their fashion. Everyone has a chance to get involved with fashion as it can be found everywhere. 

“You have to understand, fashion was not as inclusive back then as it is now.” art teacher Christine Bang said. 

There are many places to find fashion inspiration: stores and social media to name a few. Back in the 2000s, fashion inspiration came from magazines, celebrities, and TV; your clothes defined who you were, whereas now it just helps express who you are.

“Right now it’s like Instagram and Tiktok. And there’s an overwhelming message of, ‘be your own person, be comfortable with yourself blah, blah, blah.’ But back then, it was more like… ‘this is the look, you have to subscribe to it.’” Bang said. 

There are many different aspects of fashion besides just clothing; shoes, makeup, and accessories are also used to express style. In the 2000s, heavy blush, pastel eyeshadows, and glossed lips were every makeup lover’s go-to; and these trends have not escaped the 2000s comeback. 

Throughout the years, a shift in makeup style has taken place; recent years have moved away from the full coverage, full glam days of the 2010s and opt for a glossy, natural style. Makeup looks within this trend often feature mostly bare skin, with moisturizer or a dewy foundation. Eyebrows are typically left natural, without excessive drawing on or shaping. Cream blush is a must, and the eyes often feature a few pastel eyeshadows on the lid, and are finished with colorful graphic eyeliner or rhinestones. 

With this being said, there is a stark difference between formal looks and everyday looks when it comes to makeup. 

“Right now, the everyday looks are just glam everyday of the year. Tech, social media has given everyone the resources to develop their makeup skills, and I think maybe that’s why glam is an everyday look,” Bang said. 

Even though 2000s fashion has returned, it has not stayed the same. In 2021, different looks have been inspired by or altered from the 2000s as everyone adds their own twist. Those participating in the comeback rock the style differently and continue to help expand the trend. Additionally, baggy jeans, baby tees, bucket hats, butterfly clips, and baguette bags are examples of how the 2020s affected the classics. 

An example of this is the evolution of the baggy jean trend, 

“I think that it’s gotten more dramatic and over exaggerated in recent years… if [the jeans were] baggy, it will be so baggy it’s practically falling off,” junior Kayla Owens said.

Fashion and trends evolve as individuals add their own revisions to it, and the style from the 2000s is no different. While it may seem like trends are just being recycled from the past, they are actually being developed and enhanced. 

The decade of the 2020s is still new, and the trends that are going to define this era are not done being established; the remains of 2000s fashion trends are making their mark on this period of fashion.