RHS Students Adjust to New Pass and Tardy Policies


Eleanor Gensemer

Freshman Areanna Sagastume follows new procedures by carrying a color-coded pass in the hallway.

RHS administration hopes to reduce numbers of tardy students by implementing several new pass and late policies. The policies are designed to stop students from wandering around in the hallways and keep students in the classroom. 

One new procedure includes random hallway sweeps. On designated days, when the bell rings, teachers lock their doors. Security staff will then sweep the hallways for late students to issue unexcused late passes to class. Students with chronic lateness may receive additional consequences.

The hallway sweep process was not the last change made. RHS has also implemented something called  the 10/10 rule which prevents students from leaving class in the first or last 10 minutes of any class period unless it is an emergency.

Other smaller changes include new color-coded hallway passes given to students by teachers. Every student must receive a pass from a teacher to exit a classroom. The color-coding of the passes shows the areas students are traveling from to limit wandering in the building. Security will also be on the watch for students without a pass or in the wrong area.

“The new pass policy is if you are in the halls you should have a pass. They are color coded to make sure you are in the correct locations,” biology teacher Jeff Grandin said. “It is just ensuring that everybody who is in the hall should be in the hall, when they are in the hall.”

The new policies are a major change from the procedures students have gotten used to so far this year. Previously, students were allowed to use the bathroom anytime during class with permission from a teacher.  Reusable passes were not issued to limit touch points as part of COVID-19 protocols.  

Some students understand what the new policy is about, while others disagree. For many students the policy change came as a surprise more than anything.   

“I was surprised that they made a new pass policy because it felt like it came out of nowhere,” sophomore Dewanga Mayarata said. “In most of my classes beforehand, teachers were kind about letting students use the bathroom or get water whenever they needed it.” 

Of all the new policies implemented at RHS, the 10/10 rule is the most controversial. Many students don’t understand why they can’t leave the room at the beginning or end of class.  

“It is kind of unnecessary,” freshman Anna Nguyen said. “I think it is great that they have that kind of thing, but the time of ten minutes seems way too long, especially having it at the end of class.” 

The new policy may be a big change for students at RHS, nonetheless it is working towards creating a better learning environment for students. 

“The pass policy makes sense. It’s are you supposed to be out, and where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be? That is essentially it. It is just an account ability for locations, actions, and time, ” Grandin said.