BSU Hosts Congressman Raskin to Discuss Black History Month, School Shootings


Photo by: Sarah Natchipolsky

Congressman Jamie Raskin spoke at the IMC after meeting with student marching on capital hill.

Rebecca Pujo, Editor- in-Chief

Congressman Jamie Raskin spoke in the media center yesterday in an event hosted by the Black Student Union (BSU) for Black History Month. Raskin, who represents the eighth district of Maryland in the U.S. House of Representatives, answered questions from students and spoke about timely issues such as Black History Month, gun control and student involvement in politics.

In light of recent events in Fla. and following a walkout in which schools including Montgomery Blair, B-CC and Einstein marched to D.C., Raskin spoke about ways that teenagers can get involved in politics and create change.

“The idealism and the energy of young people have been essential to the success of our major social reform movements,” Raskin said.

Following Raskin’s talk, the BSU plans to reach out to other students, as well as host open discussions about gun control measures and actions that students can take in order to impact legislation.

“One of the things I took away from Congressman Raskin’s talk was that the students’ actions today parallel those of the African American youth during the civil rights movement,” BSU president and founder senior Angelique Wong said. “We have to band together and make our voices heard to incite change.”

In regards to Black History Month, Raskin stressed the importance of recognizing and learning from influential movements and figures of the past.

“It’s great to take a month to focus on the specific leaders in African American history, politics, pop culture and literature, who made a great impact on our society,” Raskin said. “In Maryland we’ve got a lot to brag about in terms of African American history and politics.”