Ram to Watch: Jimmy Sorunke

Sorunke trows down a dunk at practice at RHS.

Sorunke trows down a dunk at practice at RHS.

Photo by Brady Doyle

Photo by Brady Doyle

Sorunke trows down a dunk at practice at RHS.

Jonathan Brake, Staff Writer

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Freshman Jimmy Sorunke has the potential to be one of the most powerful basketball players in the county and contribute to a turnaround from last year’s 2-22 varsity basketball record as the 2017-18 season begins.

Sorunke came to the states from Nigeria to further his education and basketball career nine months ago in March with his 30 year old brother Timmy. Although he is 16, Sorunke is enrolled as a freshman and will play for the varsity team this upcoming season.

When he and his brother came to the U.S., they lived with Joseph Boncore (“84), who bore the responsibility of being Sorunke’s host, father figure and coach. Boncore has helped him adapt to living in the U.S., and three months into the school year, he has already identified differences between his new and old homes.

“Rockville is amazing, it might not be a basketball school but [it] has its advantages and [the] U.S. is way different from back home,” Sorunke said.

Sorunke was originally supposed to go to the basketball-focused Huntington Preparatory School in West Virginia; however, the scholarship was canceled because they expected Sorunke to be 7a��0 tall, but he is only 6a��10. After the scholarship was canceled, Huntington Prep’s varsity basketball coach, Rob Fulford, asked Boncore to take care of Sorunke rather than sending him back to Nigeria.

“I came to Rockville to work on my hands and things I was lacking on, while having fun along with it,” Sorunke said.

While his effect on the court has yet to be seen, his work ethic during preseason has already been evident.

“Jimmy is one of the hardest working players I have seen. He works every day to improve,” varsity basketball coach Todd Dembroski said.

Sorunke is inspired by his favorite NBA player, Ben Simmons, guard and forward for the Philadelphia 76ers who has the same build as Sorunke, who is learning to use the same overwhelming size and reckless abandon on the court.

Sorunke’s teammates are eager to see how his play translates during the regular season.

“Jimmy has a lot of potential. He’s ready for the season and getting after it,” junior small forward Matt McTighe said. “He’ll be a great addition to the team. He has such a strong presence on the court and I have a good feeling everyone is going to get the chance to see it.”

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Ram to Watch: Jimmy Sorunke