Social Networking Can Become Dangerous

Addicting, yet dangerous: these are good ways to describe social networking nowadays. What starts off as an easy way to communicate with others through the internet can become something seriously dangerous.

Facebook is an outlet for people to communicate with others. However, the site can also become detrimental if used incorrectly.-- Feriell Hayton

Social networking is an online service that builds social relations among people all over the world. Some of these services are Myspace, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few. Each one has become a hit in the past couple of years. Teens, adults and even kids have been using them to communicate with others, to promote their businesses or simply to just express themselves through status updates and profile designs.

Many people find social networking sites to be very helpful in communicating. ” You can find and talk to those you have lost touch with,” said junior Elizabeth Pineda. Within the click of a button, users can gain access to the profiles of people they once knew well.

Even though you can communicate with other people who you have not spoken to in a long time, these websites allow you to talk to those you see every day. “I find Facebook to be too impersonal; I like talking to someone face to face to get to know them,” said spanish teacher Sylvia Juarez.

So, you are probably thinking: what is the danger? These sites appear only as comfortable means of communication and entertainment. Anyone can build new friendships and meet new people with the creation of a profile. Oddly enough, that is exactly where the problem lies. Many people that use the internet do not know you and are sometimes complete strangers; how can you guarantee safety?

Although social networking websites were created as a harmless way to communicate, they have also turned into a good way for people to portray themselves as someone they are not in order to possibly harm or manipulate others. There are many stories on situations that have come from social networking which include cyber bullying, identity theft, and even murder.

Yes, the sites may be a form of communication and entertainment, but it may not be worth the risk. “I think Facebook and Twitter are fun, but people should be careful what they post on the internet,” said junior Joselin Hunzelman. Several, if not all, of the networking sites have certain limitations and ways of providing protection to its users. A user has the choice of protecting their information by putting it on private, but as with everything, there is a way around it.

Before you post something, you should always be careful with what you would be okay with the whole world to see. Are you willing to take the risk of social networking? That is up to you.

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