“It’s Okay To Be Whitea�� Fliers Found at Blair HS

Rebecca Pujo , Editor-in-Chief

Staff at Montgomery Blair HS (MBHS) found 10 fliers that read “It’s Okay to be White” posted on the school’s exterior doors the morning of Nov. 1. The papers were removed before students arrived at the school, but security footage of someone putting up a paper that night was released.

A letter addressing the issue was sent home with students, stating the security team would be investigating the action and encouraging those with any information on the incident to contact security.

It is suspected that these signs were part of a campaign of similar signs that were found in different cities and college campuses across the country during the same week as this incident. Fliers have been found in locations such as Harvard Yard, Tulane University and Rocky River, Ohio.

While the fliers were generally removed as soon as they were found, the slogan continued to spread on social media through hashtags and posts.

It was suspected that the idea for these fliers originated on an online web forum entitled “4chan,” where a thread of posts encouraged people to put up “It’s Okay to be White” signs on college campuses and in different locations.