Boys Soccer Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness


Teddy Andrew, Staff Writer

The boys varsity soccer (8-2-1) honored Breast Cancer by spray-painting their hair pink in their 5-1 victory over the Northwood Gladiators.

The boys’ hair was tainted pink at the beginning of the day in order to remind those at school that many women are affected by breast cancer and deserve recognition for their struggles. Prior to the game, a message to all the breast cancer patients telling them to be strong, prepared by an anonymous member of the team, was read over the loudspeaker. The reading was followed by a list that named all of the people affected by breast cancer that the team knows. After a moment of silence for those affected, the game began.

“A lot of the guys on the team have family members or have close relationships with women affected, and we wanted to do something special for them” said senior defender Lucas Garcia.

Barely 10 minutes into the game, senior forward Kenneth Abita scored the first goal, followed up by another from senior midfielder Bryce Orsini. Although this was a sight to behold, the spectacle made a second appearance as the duo both scored again to further cement the lead at 4a��1.

The Gladiators managed to squeeze one shot past senior goalie Parker Shugars, but it was swiftly countered when sophomore Brian Sanchez scored the last goal of the game to make the final score 5a��1 in favor of the Rams.

“We had a lot more movement up top in order to create more open space near the goal,” Sanchez said.

The boys move forward in their road to the state championship with a record of 9-2-1. Their regular season has concluded and the Rams have a bye week the first week of the playoffs, with their opponent being the winner of the Magruder-Blake game.