Poli-Ticks Me Off: Neglecting to Provide Justification for Beliefs or Political Views Only Serves to Divide


Sarah D'Souza, Editor-in_Chief

As someone who considers herself to be a proud independent, it is shocking to see the ongoing and deepening polarization of the nation since the most recent presidential election, further exacerbated by insensitive and downright ignorant comments which have become pervasive in society.

On a daily basis, it is completely mind-boggling that the people who choose to put themselves under a title like pro-choice, pro-life, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative etc. boast certain values, and the progression of those values, yet refuse to speak on their behalf with actual justification. However, not everyone who considers themselves to be under an affiliation applies to these sentiments.
If your beliefs are what you say they are, or at least what you tell yourself they are, then why is it so difficult to voice them?

It is not sufficient justification to just say that the opposition will attack anything you say and twist your words: Take the time- actually pinpoint what it is that you actually believe in, then it is what it is- and nothing more.

Of course there could always be ignorant, baseless comments, but that is no reason to abandon your ideals. If the cause was ever actually worth believing in the first place, a person owes it to his or herself and their beliefs to stand up for the issue. However, never forget to reevaluate your beliefs because perspectives grow and new information can come to light. Having the courage to admit when you’re wrong only increases your integrity. But claiming unfaltering support and high-handed opinions based on second-hand interpretations does not.

In any case do the research- I applaud the person who has enough willpower to break away from the pacts of ideologies to actually confront an issue for what it is, as it stands, and not another’s passed along subjugation.

“I feel like political parties shouldn’t be so exclusive and so black and white as they are. I feel like there’s a lot of people who can relate to ideas from both parties, and so I don’t think that people should be so close minded when dealing with politics,” junior Kaelyn Padgett said.

I occasionally like C-SPAN. Feeling like there is a news source which is just about as unbiased as gets, should be more attractive to people who claim that CNN stands for “Clinton News Network” or that Fox news is just for conservatives, when in reality the Washington Post does not even have those two networks close to being the most polarized in, “Ranking the media from liberal to conservative based off of their audiences.”

Obviously a situation may be more complicated than I am letting on, but a little bit of tolerance and respect would go a long way for those of us who would like a little more research and perspective before professing our undying allegiance to a cause.

But what is even worse than applying yourself to a group you know nothing about is professing that anyone who does not also consider themselves under the same umbrella is just completely wrong, because believing in something just because it is popular or what everyone tells you to believe in is wrong.

It is not fair to go around assuming another person’s affiliation or writing them off as one or the other just because they have one belief which could be considered liberal or conservative, because that just creates barriers to communication and separates people.

On behalf of everyone else who feels this way, but does not feel equipped enough to head blindly into the battle field that is politics in order to preach moderation, we are tired of the broken record dictating which ideals we are supposed to hold oh so dearly to our hearts.

The next time you look in the mirror, look into yourself and ask if what that annoying person said is wrong because it is intrinsically untruthful, or because the person is part of that group, and they are always wrong.