Edline Taken Offline

New Social Media-Like MyMCPS Program Replaces Edline for Student and Staff Use


Grace Goodman, News Managing Editor

MyMCPS, a program introduced and supposed to be implemented in 2014, will officially be set in stone for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.

MyMCPS will replace Edline, the longstanding website students currently use to access their grades and check for assignments. However, MyMCPS will have more functions, as students will be able to use the website to view and turn in assignments, collaborate with other students and have a “newsfeeda�� similar to ones on social media that displays upcoming assignments and notifications.

“MyMCPS seems like it is full of potential and it seems like it could be used more easily by students because of how accustomed to social media we are,” freshman Monica Blassou said.

Students will also be able to link their Google Classroom account with their MyMCPS account allowing for a more student and staff collaboration among platforms.
MyMCPS will provide a more interactive parent portal, parents will be allowed to get a better idea of what is going on in their child’s classroom, whereas Edline only allowed parent access to grades.

Teachers will be able to “look at multiple data points in order to determine where kids have mastered curricular content and standards and where they need more help or reassessment,” Principal Intern Elizabeth Sandall said.

It is unknown whether MCPS will provide tutorials on how to use MyMCPS; however if they do not, the school will provide them.