Teachers Bid Farewell and Hit the Road


Grace D'Almeida, Social Media Specialist

Many teachers at RHS have reported that this will be their last year teaching. While the reason for leaving varies, RHS will now have many open spots in different departments.
Some teachers plan on moving to new schools, others plan on retiring from their teaching careers.
English teacher Brian Annear is just one who will be moving not only out of the county but out of the state to teach English in Fairfax, at W.T. Woodson HS.
“My wife is an attorney and has a great job a�� in Fairfax, VA ,” Annear said. “It’s time for me to make a sacrifice for her and move closer to her work.”
Annear has been teaching for a total of 11 years but has only been teaching at RHS for four. He said he is looking forward to teaching in a new district which will allow him to experience a new community, but will miss his “Ramilya��
Music teacher Phillip Barnes plans on taking up a job at James Hubert Blake HS after spending 14 years at RHS. He will teach jazz ensemble, orchestra, music technology, guitar and band.
“[Leaving RHS] was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make,” Barnes said.
Barnes has also worked with former Earle B. Wood Middle School students, and many have expressed how deeply saddened they are to see him leave.
“I’ve worked with him since the 7th grade so when he told us he was leaving I was very sad,” junior Leela Johnson said. “I will miss him very much.”
Social Studies teacher Caitlin Ulmer will continue her teaching career at Sherwood HS where she will teach NSL and Resources. She has been teaching for 12 years, seven of those years at RHS. Her reason for leaving it to cut back on travel time to work.
“Coaching and teaching at Rockville has been a real privilege,” Ulmer said.
Ulmer has been heavily involved at RHS. Apart from teaching and coaching, she also sponsored many clubs.
“I’m going to miss [Ulmer’s]style of teaching. I learned a lot from it,” sophomore Yuna Higgs said. “I was really able to understand the material.”
ESOL resource teacher Olga Ryzhikov plans to retire from her 22 year teaching career after teaching at RHS for nine years.
“I will miss my department and the kids,” Ryzhikov said. “Every year I learn something new from them.”