New Senior Tradition

New Senior Tradition for Rising Seniors to Promote Unity and Collaboration, Featuring T-Shirts and Breakfast to Discuss Dates, Dues, Prom Ideas and Fundraising


Brady Doyle, Director of Communications

A new rising senior tradition was installed this year: a senior breakfast. June 8, the day after the previous seniors graduate, the current juniors take on their senior privileges. This is the day the “new seniors” take on their responsibilities as the head of the school and establish their dominance.

Credited to an idea from principal Billie-Jean Bensen, this celebration, free to all upcoming seniors, will consist of Panera bagels and Safeway donuts. Important dates will be discussed as well as senior dues, prom ideas and fundraising. The class of 2018 will be excused from their first periods to grub and rub elbows.

“I’ve been talking with colleges and other schools and every school does something different so I fed the idea to Ms. Krebs about doing a senior breakfast to start the year off on the right foot,” Bensen said.

Class of 2018 will start their reign wearing their new black class of 2018 senior shirts. The front of the shirt features the saying”ITa��S OUR TURN TO DOM1N8″ and features Rockville’s mascot, a ram. The back of the shirt features “SENIORS” on the top with a crown and a large number “18” in the middle.

This brunch was put in place in hopes to hype up the rising seniors for their last year at RHS. As their time comes to an end, administration and SGA plans to instill a feeling of unity and connection within the grade.

“It’s going to bring everyone together and make everyone feel united as the class of 2018,” junior David Werking said.

The seniors had enjoyed a picnic outside in the stadium as a last hoorah in their final moments at RHS May 26- a tradition that has been around for many years.

“It kinda sucks that the class of 2017 didn’t get a chance to do [the senior breakfast]a�� I think it would have brought us even closer, but the senior class will always be one big family no matter what happens. We always have eachothers’ backs. That’s just how we’ve been since middle school,” alumni Chantease Arocho said.

Senior traditions are not only a way to show dominance as the oldest grade, but also to unite the class in their last moments in high school. Senior traditions allow for the class to put their own spin on the event and make great memories with their friends. As seniors are making decisions on their next big steps in life, senior traditions help students de stress by coming back to their roots while surrounded by their Ramily.