English Teacher Honored


Amy Tran

Washington Post 2017 Teacher of the Year Sean Pang gets ready for instruction time at his desk. He was out of 21 other finalists and has been a teacher at RHS for six years.

Amy Tran, Associate Editor

English teacher Sean Pang was named the Washington Post’s 2017 Teacher of the Year out of 21 other finalists across the Washington-metropolitan area.

Washington Post journalist Donna St. George wrote an article April 14 that highlighted Pang’s availability and involvement with students. She goes on to mention how although Pang establishes strong relationships with students in the classroom, his involvement goes beyond just classroom instruction and that is what makes him a stand out.

Not only does he teach an academic intervention course for students, but he also teaches ninth-grade English, creative writing and TV production. Outside of the classroom, he sponsors five extracurricular clubs and advises the school’s literary magazine, in which he also organized “Rockville’s Got Talent” April 21.

Principal Billie-Jean Bensen, former counselor William Ramsey and English resource teacher Martin McCarrick spoke on behalf of Pang’s achievements and character in the article.

“I am honored and humbled because there are so many teachers that I admire,” Pang said. “My advice: whenever you have time, when you’re available, open your doors and be as involved as possible with students.