Rockville Community Mourns the Passing of ’16 Graduate Mark Guthrie

Michael Pankowski, Contributing Editor

Class of 2016 alumnus Mark Guthrie passed away Feb. 12. He is survived by his father, Robert Guthrie, his mother, Jennifer Finotti and his brothers Tyler, John and Luke Guthrie and sisters Megan and Shannon.
Donations for the Guthrie’s in this difficult time can be submitted to their GoFundMe page set up by RHS “16 alumnus and friend of Guthrie Michael Gottlieb. As of Feb. 26, donations from 286 people have amounted to $18,756 of the $20,000 goal.
Guthrie was a two-year varsity baseball pitcher and catcher who was known on the team as a selfless person and teammate.
“He was always a guy we could count on who made the most of his opportunities. He was always there for his teammates. Always dapping people up when they did something right or trying to pick them up when they came off the bench… I don’t think you could ask for a better teammate,” varsity baseball coach Farron Riggs said.
“He was just unselfish. Those are the kind of players that you look for as a coach.”
The varsity baseball team will be honoring Guthrie at their first home game March 21, with details to be determined.
In addition to playing baseball, Guthrie was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting, fishing, and hanging out in his Rock Creek neighborhood with his Creek friends.
Junior Rock Creek residents Julien Taupenot and Teddy Andrew frequently accompanied Guthrie on neighborhood adventures.
“He taught me how to fish, and we used to go often at Lake Needwood and Lake Frank. He was always there for me, and he’s the reason why I’m such an outdoorsy guy myself. Funny guy, too, always cheering people up. I’ll always remember him for his smile,” Taupenot said.
“Everyone in the neighborhood viewed him as a leader and a role model, yet he viewed all of us as equals and never thought of himself as better than the rest of us. He was loved by everyone he came across,” Andrew said.
Guthrie also looked out for his family in addition to his friends.
“Saying Mark was a great brother is like saying that Shakespeare was kind of good at Englisha�� It sounds silly just trying to put it into words. He was a thrill-seeker and loved to get out and enjoy life, but he also fought for what was right for his friends and family. He knew everyone’s name, story, and dreams, and he would be there to cheer you on but also cry with you,” junior Luke Guthrie, Mark’s youngest brother, said. “What helps me through this loss is when I meet someone whose life was touched by my brother. It reminds me that no matter how far away it feels he is, he’s still in all of our hearts.”