Limitless Preview

The action packed thriller limitless hits the big screens Mar. 18 2011 -- Courtesy of iamROGUE
Humans are said to only use about 20 percent of their brains… have you ever wondered if you could unlock the other 80 percent? If so, then the new movie Limitless, to be released March 18, is something you should see.

In this movie, you follow the story of writer Eddie Morra as his entire life falls apart… that is, until an old friend introduces Morra to a new experimental drug called MDT. With this new drug in hand, Morra evolves into the perfect human being, and after taking the pill, Morra soon becomes a successful billionaire with all the power in the world.

Of course, as Morra rises to the top, he attracts the attention of Carl Van Loon, a very powerful business mogul who wants to use Morra’s newly found talents for his own gain. As Morra happily declines Van Loon’s offer, he is soon put up for assassination and now must live long enough to reach his goals.

The two most notable actors in this movie are Bradley Cooper, who plays Morra, and Robert De Niro, who plays Van Loon. Both actors have starred in some pretty successful movies; two of Cooper’s most recent movies are The Hangover and The A-Team. Both movies have been very successful, with The Hangover bringing in a little under $45,000,000 within its opening weekend.

Although The A-Team raised about half of that in its opening weekend, it still received good reviews. Some of De Niro’s most recognizable movies include Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers. Limitless also stars Abbie Cornish, who is the star of the new movie Sucker Punch. With a good set of actors like this, the movie at least seems like it will have some good acting.

The only problem moviegoers may face would be the director Neil Burger. Many of you may not know who Burger is… and that is because he has only directed three other movies. A quick look at Burgers previous movies shows that they were only subpar. In any case, there is not much to be said about Burger’s directing abilities, but we will find out soon enough.

Overall, Limitless seems like it could be a big success. You should strongly consider seeing this movie. It has a great set of actors and a pretty solid plot structure. This new action thriller hits theaters March 18.

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