Matt McTighe on the Fly

With 30 seconds left in the quarter down by one, or last inning with the winning run on third, sophomore Matt McTighe has proven to be the player that will give his all. RHS’s dual stud has built a foundation for the RHS varsity boys basketball and baseball programs.
This underclassmen may seem like an underdog, but McTighe has been raised for success as a child. McTighe comes from an athletic family of six siblings, who have each played a large role in RHS athletics. He has been playing sports with his three brothers ever since he took his first steps. Throughout elementary school, the now varsity-level player joined organized leagues and eventually joined travel and tournament teams.
The 5a��11″ sophomore served as starting guard on the varsity boys basketball team this season. McTighe was the team’s third leading scorer and rebounder and led the team in assists. The first year varsity player still has two more seasons on the team and said he aims to maintain his strengths and seek improvement where it is due.
As a freshman, McTighe played on the JV baseball team as shortstop. After showing consistent success on JV, McTighe was pulled up to varsity to aid them in playoffs in which they went to regionals in playoffs.
When McTighe is not hitting buzzer beaters, he is hitting the books for his honors and advanced placement (AP) classes. He plans to take on a combination of International Baccalaureate (IB) classes and AP classes as an upperclassmen. Outside of school, McTighe is an active member of St. Patricks Catholic Church and participates in the parish’s youth group.
Although free throw and hitting percentages can always increase, motivation can not be obtained quite as simply. McTighe happens to have an admirable and innate source of motivation that makes him give his all every time he steps on the hardwood floor or the dirt of the baseball diamond.
“Matt’s biggest strength is how hard he plays when he’s on the court. That is something that as a coach I can’t give to a player,” varsity boys basketball coach Todd Dembroski said. “He gives as close to 100% as possible every time he’s on the court,”
In McTighe’s case age is truly just a number, the young asset leads and encourages teammates to improve their game. Varsity boys basketball captain David Robbins views Matt as a future captain for the squad. Despite the team being young and carrying the weight of 21 losses, McTighe has hopes for the future.
“This season has been difficult, it obviously hasn’t gone the way we’ve wanted it to, but I think everyone on the team agrees that we have to work hard, always stay positive, and prove not only to the Rockville community but to ourselves that we can compete in this county and do great things,” McTighe said.