Basic Fashion Trends Help You to Fit in

Michael Mantzouranis, Contributing Editor

Being known. Being popular. A mass of people talking about you. You hear the whispers. “Are those the new shoes that just came out?” they wonder. You smirk as you strut by the people gazing, jaws lower than that oversized shirt you just bought.
Who would not want this attention?
The key to obtaining it? Fashion.
Following the latest fashion trends can be incredibly beneficial for students, especially for those who feel like outcasts. Fitting in can be an immense problem for students at RHS, causing them internal conflicts such as not knowing whom to sit with at lunch, whom to work with for that history project or where to sit in the morning before school.
Luckily, following the new fashion trends can help these students who do not feel involved or “in” at school. Wearing the newest clothing can boost a student’s popularity status, and ultimately give them a sense of confidence and swagger that they have never possessed before.
Sophomore Rajuan Stevens shows off his newest clothing on a daily basis.
“Whenever I buy new clothes, I make sure to wear them to school so that people can see my sense of style. I feel more confident when people see that I have nice clothes on,” Stevens said.
Following the latest fashion trends also promotes positive competition amongst students, ultimately allowing for a more friendly school atmosphere. The students all battle it out to see “who wore it best” to win the acknowledgement of having the best outfit.
It also makes shopping less of a burden for kids. While many struggle with the problem of not knowing what to shop for, fashionistas know exactly what they are shopping for, down to the socks.
No more worrying about whether you have enough money for the clothing, or whether the employee at the register will look at you funny for your purchases.
In today’s day and age, the new fashion is leggings, a long sleeved shirt and converse for women, and athletic shorts, a tee shirt and tennis shoes for men.
Junior Jessica Hortin is a follower of these trends, and loves this new style.
“Fashion is a major part of my life. It just gives me confidence and makes me feel more involved in the community,” Hortin said.
The comfort that comes with this new style, both in the literal and mental sense, is a positive addition to the already lengthy list of benefits that following fashion trends brings.
Junior Teddy Andrew said, “I really enjoy new style. It’s comfortable, easy to take part in, and the people seem to like it.”
The benefits of following these trends are clear. If you want to fit in, have a sense of self and confidence, and look good while doing so, you’ll join the parade of fashionistas.
With the winter season upon us, now is the perfect opportunity to get into fashion.