Golden Globe Trophies Awarded to Hollywood’s Musical Offerings

Alex Reynolds , Staff Writer

The 74th annual Golden Globes hosted by Jimmy Fallon aired Jan 8, 2017 and the night was memorable to say the least; However, it was Damien Chazelle’s unconventional musical, La La Land, that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

“I thought the Golden Globes were awesome this year, all the looks on the red carpet were amazing, and the speeches were funny as well,” said junior Tiama Essama-Ayi.

From Donald Glover shouting out Migos, to Meryl Streep getting political in her lifetime achievement acceptance speech, the night was jam packed full of great speeches and cameos.

The night started with a skit by the major celebrities in attendance that parodied the opening number from La La Land. This established the fact that the movie would dominate the award show.

La La Land came into the Golden Globes with nominations for seven categories, and left the awards with all seven golden trophies. This unparalleled feat sets the record for the most Golden Globes won by a single film. It breaks the record of six Golden Globes held by such classics as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1976) and Midnight Express (1979).

However, because of the way the categories of the Golden Globes are set up, La La Land had a slight advantage over the field. Since La La Land is considered a musical, it was placed in categories such as Best Motion Picture (for Musical/ Comedy) and Best actor and Actress (Musical/ comedy). Because of this, La La Land did not have to compete for these spots against the front runners like Moonlight or Manchester by the Sea; two true dramas.

While these specialized categories definitely benefited La La Land in winning seven Golden Globes, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be nothing without these stipulations. La La Land was one of the best films of the year both musically and dramatically which is why it set this new record.