Ugg Boots: In or Out?


These stylish yet damaging boots can be spotted at just about every corner. — Melissa Holler

These "stylish" yet damaging boots can be spotted at just about every corner. -- Melissa Holler

Uggs are like slippers, but with extra material added on them to look like a boot. Uggs are overpriced, AND they are bad for your feet. People wear these things and do not even notice what their feet are going through. Just think about your feet FLOPPING around in those things all day.

Uggs are expensive, we know that, but why are these so expensive? It is because they kill, skin sheep and stuff them in a boot. It is sheepskin, everyone! It is insane that people are JUST finding this out and are still wearing them. Pamela Anderson did not even know she was wearing sheepskin in her Baywatch days, and she is an animal activist with PETA.

I remember asking someone if she knew whether the company killed the sheep in order to make the boot. Her answer? She thought that they shaved the sheep and somehow had the wool glued ona�� People do not know what they are wearing! It is okay, though, because it is just fashion; therefore people follow, all aboard the train of trends, CHOO CHOO!

The Ugg Box says to wear Uggs without socks, so young women mindlessly think that is the best thing. Well, when that is done, your feet start to sweata�� a lot, and then Uggs start to stink. What happens when you do not clean them? Sweat creates bacteria, which will stay in the shoe. Most women wear them every day, which can cause bacteria to grow, causing fungus.

They are also not waterproof; Uggs really should not be worn outside. The reason Uggs sell is because they are said to be soft and comfortable, but in reality they are ruining your feet. Have you realized that the bottom is completely flat, and there is no arch support? Since you are walking all day in them; the pain on your feet also creates tension on the knees, hips and back.

Next time you slip into a pair, say to yourself, “I might get fungus, I just killed some animals, my feet are getting ruined and it is all thanks to Uggs… Hooray!”

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