Carlos Shows Off Hidden Skill

Kelly DiFonzo, Contributing Editor

Who would have known that a mere two-week wrestling unit in a 2014 freshman physical education class would have illuminated a hidden talent vital to the future of the RHS wrestling program?

Junior Carlos Carrasquillo was a freshman when he showed his innate skill for the sport of wrestling. Carrasquillo joined the team simply to keep active in the winter months. Little did he know he would become Rookie of the Year that same season and a vital aspect of the team for years to come. Carrasquillo’s record last year was 27-9, and he has 41 total career wins. He is on track to breaking the all-time wins record at RHS of 109 wins.

Carrasquillo is embarking on his third year on the team as he takes on the role of captain. He serves this role by helping other wrestlers and having an admirable drive for success, according to his teammates. Carrasquillo has learned much in his first two years of wrestling and looks forward to learning and growing for his second half.

“My favorite part about wrestling is that it teaches you discipline in a way that I think no other sport can,” Carrasquillo said.

Varsity wrestling head coach Will Morris has been coaching Carrasquillo since the beginning of his high school wrestling career. According to Morris, Carrasquillo has asserted his dominance in the RHS wrestling program and he hopes he spreads this reputation throughout Montgomery County.

“Carlos stands out in the room by being the strongest pound for pound guy on our team. He is probably one of the strongest guys in his weight class in the whole state. I expect a lot from Carlos this year with over 25 wins and a county regional title,” Morris said.

Senior captain Cameron Hoppman was in Carrasquillo’s shoes last year when he served as junior captain as well. Hoppman values Carrasquillo’s contribution to the program.

“Carlos is a really strong wrestler and an integral part of our line up. He works hard and has a great drive to win for the team,” Hoppman said.

Carrasquillo’s rigorous schedule does not start only once the final school bell rings. During the school day, he is a part of the International Baccalaureate Career Program (IBCP), taking IB and AP classes to become college and career ready.

“At the end of the day my grades come before wrestling. I try to have the same motivation in the classroom and on the wrestling mat,” Carrasquillo said.

Carrasquillo has been preparing diligently for the upcoming season. He has been participating in offseason workouts to maintain and improve his competitive edge. The junior wrestler’s top goal for this season is to be ranked in Montgomery County for his weight class.

Whether it be Lebron James or Muhammad Ali, all great athletes have strengths and weaknesses. According to Carrasquillo, although he wants to work on staying calm in matches, his passion for the sport will never cease.