What Made 2016 Most Memorable?

“Making the cheer team really made 2016 special. This is my first year cheering for Rockville, although I did cheer for my middle school. I just met the team so we’re starting to become friends and I feel like it’s going to be really fun. Maybe we’ll be able to start up a JV inferno. Making the team made me a happier person and I really feel involved in the school. 2016 really matured me.” – Freshman Jackie Cap

“Beating the seniors in halls made 2016 most memorable because the grade came together and we worked really hard– like really hard– and we actually won so that was really surprising and helped us bond a lot. It kind of created a name for us at Rockville. I think we earned some bragging rights in the school as well. 2016 made me happy– I definitely learned some new things and grew as a person.” – Sophomore Stefan Piedrasanta

“Right now, I remember the election the most- not so much the outcome but more the unconventionality of it. It started out as a normal election, but as time went on both parties got more insulting. We live in an area with a lot of Hispanics and Latinos and I think it will cause a lot of tension and hardship for some people in this school. 2016 overall made me feel pretty unhappy- especially how the election was handled.” – Sophomore Leo Wagner

“In 2016 I attended an internship at the Naval Service Warfare Center over the summer in Carderock, Maryland . It was a cool experience and I got to work with engineers. I want to be a mechanical engineer when I grow up and I feel like I learned a lot over the 8 weeks. I’m pretty sure I’ve decided I want to do engineering and It’s good to put on applications. 2016 didn’t really change me at all — I’m still Tony G.” – Junior Tony Guardado

“The most memorable part of 2016 was beating RM in soccer back to back years because usually we don’t do that great so it was nice to beat our rivals. In a way we showed RM we’re better than them, but other sports did not do as well as we did– so maybe just in soccer. It’s been a big transition from last year to this year. Senior year is a lot easier and now I’ve got to get ready for college.” – Senior Nick Blassou