Player Spotlight: Teddy Andrew


High school is prime time to try new things in search of a potential future calling. Sophomore Teddy Andrew has found his home within the white lines of the RHS gym floor. Andrew has been the starting outside hitter for the boys varsity volleyball team since freshman year.

Andrew has natural intelligence on the court. His ability to make effective split-second decisions in close matches is one of his many strengths. When the ball is coming with immense speed, correct judgement and efficient execution are crucial traits that few volleyball players have mastered.

“Teddy is a strong all around player. The team relies on his serving, receiving, hitting and even defensive abilities,” varsity boys volleyball coach Stacey Krebs said.

Learning a new sport and leading a team can be overwhelming. In times of gloom, Andrew has been the team motivator, cheering on his teammates to keep the energy high no matter what the scoreboard says. Starting right side hitter Ian Mendoza has experienced this firsthand.

“Teddy’s optimism and ability to learn quickly has made him a huge contributor on the team. I am really looking forward to playing with him the next two years,” Mendoza said.

Andrew wishes he had picked up volleyball at an earlier age so he could pursue his fantasy of being on the United States National Volleyball Team. Because of his future International Baccalaureate (IB) program workload and varsity football wide receiver duties, Andrew will not have the time to focus solely on a post high school volleyball career. He will have to make the most out of his time in the RHS volleyball program.

“My goal for the next two years of being on the team is to bring home a division championship to Rockville, in which we rightfully deserve, but had the misfortune of being placed in the same division as Wheaton, the county tournament semi-finalists,” Andrew said. “As their seniors graduate and ours rise, I truly believe Rockville High School will be able to attain the championship.”