Training Over the Summer


Athletes at RHS take pride in the sports they play and train hard throughout the season. However, as summer approaches, the question arises as to how the athletes will train and remain in top shape over the relaxing three-month break.

Many students take it easy over the summer, slacking and sleeping the days away. But this is not the case for the student athletes here at RHS. The majority of athletes train, work hard and participate in summer sports programs to ensure that their skills do not diminish.

Sophomore JV lacrosse player Andrew Perez plans to continue improving his game over the break and does not let his social life get in the way of his practice time.

“I try to go to the gym at least three times a week to get stronger and I practice my lacrosse skills at home in my backyard every day,” Perez said. “Even on weekends, when my friends are all hanging out, I’m usually outside practicing.”

Perez understands the importance of school sports, which is why he works so hard, even in the summer.

RHS is a school known for its stellar and intense sports programs. Along with the tough in-school workouts and seasons, the school offers exceptional summer programs for certain sports which helps students to prepare for seasons to come.

Athletic director Michael Hayes, feels strongly about the program and is hoping to make further advancements for the school. Hayes is constantly trying to find fundraisers and summer activities for RHS sports, one of which being the Mulch Sale.

Hayes says he would like to see more students “get involved and stay involved year round.”

Freshman basketball player Rajuan Stevens hopes to play varsity next season and is involved in all of these programs.

“I go to all the workouts in the fall and spring and am playing in the summer league season again this year. I’m just trying to get better and take my game to the next level,” Stevens said.

Along with the piles of homework and the time-consuming jobs, Rockville student athletes are still somehow able to train and stay in shape for their sports.

Sophomore Lauren Giron, an upcoming IB student, understands the work she must put in this summer. Despite the anticipated IB workload and a summer job as a camp counselor, Giron still plans on participating in travel and summer league soccer and playing in the fall varsity soccer season.

“It’s going to be tough, but the only way to get better is to constantly practice. That’s why I’m playing summer league, so that I can prepare and get better for the upcoming school season,” Giron said.