Staying Busy Over the Summer


Summer is a time of stress-free fun for most if not all students, but when parents are working and money is tight, traveling to exotic places may not be on the agenda. Fortunately, jobs and camps are always there to keep busy.

While many people are probably thinking that jobs require hard work or summer camps are for children, there are plenty of fun summer job opportunities and numerous teen-friendly summer camps that are offered right here in Rockville.

Not only can participating in jobs and camps be fun, but it can also help your academic career, believe it or not. Having a job shows responsibility and going to camp widens social circles and expands knowledge of cultural diversity

“During the summer kids should have fun but also be productive,” French teacher Sani Adamou said. While your typical middle-of-nowhere-bonfire-overnighter camp is probably not the best for struggling financially, the City of Rockville offers many cost effective day camps for ages three to 16 with financial aid available. Camps vary from arts, to sports to even leadership camps that are great for resume building. These camps usually cost around $200-400 for multiple weeks and offer many fun opportunities for teens. Camp can be a getaway to meet new friends, learn something new and just be out of the house.

“Camp gives you an opportunity meet people that like the same things you do” Zach Raiten, Veteran camp counselor said

Jobs can be a tricky business. However, the number of open spots skyrocket in the summer is a great place to look for jobs if you are under 18. It is harder for younger teens, ages 14-15, but it is not impossible. Students 16 years and older are in good shape. Jobs such as those at Rita’s Ice, McDonald’s, Carmen’s Ice and lifeguarding (certification required) are some of the few that allow 14 year-olds to work. For 16-year-olds, restaurants, clothing stores and grocery stores are up for grabs. Many teens already work at stores such as Safeway,Panera, Menchies and Pizza Hut, or recreational places like Bounce-U, Skyzone and. Junior Alicia Oa��Neil currently works as a Team Member at Menchies and has been working there for eight months.”I’ve become more independent,” Oa��Neil said. “I am also more of an adult [since] I know how to pay taxes,”

Any expectations that summer was going to be filled with late nights (or early mornings), Netflix and becoming a professional coach potato, think again because this summer can be filled with new adventures and cool opportunities.