ReVIEWS from the 6


Artist Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as simply Drake, has glo’d up since his days as Jimmy Brooks in the popular Canadian TV show “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. It makes one wonder if he had Views of his future all the way back in 2001.

Drake recently released his tenth album, “Views,” as in from the six, April 29. Within five days, the album had already sold one million copies, and is currently at the top of the Billboard charts.

The title track “Views” starts off slow but then transcends from zero to 100 real quick as the beat drops. While this song is commendable, it is rather dragged on, extending for over five minutes.

While the song “One Dance” is the most popular, ranking at number one on the Billboard Top 100, it is arguably overrated. The lyrics are catchy and easy to sing along to but lack in substance compared to Drake’s usual style. This song is obviously a dance tune, but not much more.

Another popular track is “Pop Style,” which is clearly worthy of being named a contender for the best song on the album. This song proves to showcase Drake’s lyrical talent using clever language such as the line, “Got so many chains, they call me Chain-ing Tatum.” While it does not send the best message to high schoolers, glorifying the life choice of dropping out, it does represent Drake’s success as a young artist being only 29 and only getting better.

The album also features musical guest Rihanna for another catchy tune entitled “Too Good.” The song reached higher on the charts than expectations, reaching number 33 on Billboard Top 100 and still climbing.

Getting pumped before a game is made easy with the track “Hype.” The smooth and fast beat in the back along with the inspirational lyrics about the come up makes this the perfect track for a good pre game playlist.

“Still Here” is another inspirational track on the album. This song lists all of Drake’s accomplishments including his most popular songs and his riches. He uses his accomplishments to overcome obstacles. Although this song is mostly about his personal success he shouts out his friends saying they are “Doina�� well” showing his appreciation toward his loved ones.

One of the more dull songs on the album is “Controlla.” The track simply lacks substance and is way too repetitive using the word “controlla” a surplus of 16 times. The song is similar to Drake’s collaboration with Rihanna “Work” with the repetitive nature and good dancing vibe.

A better track on the album is “Child’s Play,” this song gives insight into Drake’s love of the Cheesecake Factory with the lyrics, “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake, you know I love to go there.” There is nothing childish about this song as it is about a bit more mature topic talking about his relationship with a girl who use to be from the hood that he is given much of his riches to. The beat is very smooth and pleasing to the ear.

On the other hand “Weston Road Flows” may be one of the worst songs on the album. The background beat and singers are unorganized and just seem off. Even if the lyrics are good the background takes away from the song making it hard to listen to without being reminded of dying cats.

Summer “15 single, “Hotline Bling,” was another first-class track that is included on the album. While this song has decreased in popularity, it was the only song ever played on the radio between the months of August and October, due to its catchy tune and lyrics that spawned a hilarious music video. This caused an explosion of internet memes and costumes of turtleneck Drake.

“Views,” stays true to Drake’s classic lyrical style of allusions to his glory without the use derogatory language. However, the album has a chill vibe in contrast to some of Drake’s earlier work which is much more intense and discusses his fight to the top, which it is safe to say he has now reached.