Inside Ascend


Tuesdays and Fridays focused on bringing together students and sharing the word of Jesus Christ in the chorus room during lunch. The Ascend club focused a lot on trying to make a change in the ways teenagers are living their everyday lives and how they are handling them.

“Ascend strives to create an environment where teenagers can gather and identify with a community of other teens. Our vision is to empower this generation to walk in the fullness of who they were created to be in Jesus Christ,” senior, president of the club Melanie Elgueta said.

The club also focuses on issues that may go on in anyone’s life at any given point, the atmosphere makes any student feel welcome and not at all isolated from anyone or anything. The club truly tries to help any and every student that is willing to learn and grow in a much different way than is typically seen in school.

“Ascend is a place to forget about all the overwhelming things that go on in life and just truly lifts you up even if you feel like you don’t need it,” sophomore Jazmin Funez said.

“The life of a student is really different. At this age we have so many things to worry about and not only that, we have to try to find our identity while doing it all,” Elgueta said.

The club met every Friday and every Tuesday. Fridays are when the club usually hosts a weekly message for the students along with some singing and praying. Tuesday is a day in which the club devoted time in solely prayer and singing beside Melanie and her guitar and other members of the club.

“Personally, it has allowed me to grow as a leader. I work with tons of teens my age and younger and the fact that I can set an example for them, amazes me. They’ve helped me see things that I could improve in my life, and really understand how the example that I set influences them,” Elgueta said.

As senior Elgueta graduates and moves on, Jasmine Funez and Diana Ventura are the ones who will be stepping up and taking lead of the club next year.

“Next year we are hoping to have some new exciting events, hopefully we’ll have more pizza parties, jam out sessions, Q and A’s on the very chaotic questions we have as teenagers and a lot of cool group activities,” Funez said.

Ascend is different than most clubs seen in high schools today and has wide open arms for any student every Tuesday and Friday during lunch. The club itself has a goal to try and bring the student body together in the name of Jesus.

“Ascend ultimately wants everybody to come see what we are all about. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you are from. You don’t have to fall into any category here, or try out, you simply come in and sit down and listen to the message,” Funez said.