Students Evaluate New Science Teacher


Chemistry teacher Michael Geoffroy uses his very unique style of teaching to help his students suceed. — Cristopher Hernandez

New science teacher at RHS, Michael Geoffroy, seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback from his students, with a wall full of Outstanding Job Certificates to prove it.

This is Geoffroy’s first year officially working as a full-time teacher, and coming from a family of teachers, he promises to use his unique teaching style to help his students succeed. “If the students like me because they are learning and having fun, then I am happy,” said Geoffroy.

Chemistry teacher Michael Geoffroy uses his unique style of teaching to help his students succeed. -- Cristopher Hernandez

Geoffroy uses a lot of visual elements with various hand motions combined with his sense of humor to bring the best out of his students and allow them to comprehend his lessons. When they do not understand, he is always willing to offer extra help.

“He takes time to help us when neededa�� he takes time explaining things so we know what we are doing,” said sophomore Lisa Romero. Geoffroy is always offering additional help for those students that do not comprehend the lessons afterschool and during the lunch period.

In the past, Geoffroy has even offered to help students that are not in his class. Last semester, junior Andrew Mendoza came to Geoffroy’s classroom for some help on the semester exam review packet. Geoffroy gladly helped Mendoza despite the fact that Mendoza was not one of his students.

“He likes telling jokes even if it is a little off topica�� he’s definitely a fun teacher,” said Mendoza. Not only does Geoffroy entertain his classes in a way that does not interfere with his teaching, but he also provides real-life examples of how science is relevant to the real world, thanks to his previous jobs.

Geoffroy worked at a genetics lab at the Institute for Genomic Research and then worked on a research project for the Michigan State University. From there, Geoffroy was able to gain more experience in genetics and applications of science and how it is related to the real world.

“I want [students] to become interested in the subject that I’m teaching, [so they can] learn how to learn on their own and be interested on learning on their own… I want students to value education,” said Geoffroy.

With Geoffroy's sense of humor, students can engage in class discussions with ease. -- Cristopher Hernandez

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