Superman Versus Batman Review

The highly anticipated “Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice,” released March 25, with Batman being played by Ben Affleck and Superman being played by Henry Cavill, will keep the audience on edge for the entire running time of 2:31.

The plot of this movie carries on from the last Superman movie, in which Superman faced General Zod. During the battle in the last movie there was a lot of collateral damage and after seeing such destruction many people began to fear the power Superman possessed.

Ground zero of this battle is Superman’s city Metropolis, where there are plenty of casualties resulting from the battle with General Zod. Among some of the civilians to witness the destruction is a man called Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman. The opening of the movie is set at this battle following Bruce Wayne as he speeds through the chaotic scene dodging falling debris from building and explosions after witnessing the destruction of his Wayne Enterprises building along with hundreds of casualties. Once witnessing this Bruce seeks revenge and plans to stop the alleged alien menace so nothing so destructive and terrible can ever happen again.

The vast resources Bruce Wayne has allows him to build a suite which is highly praised by Marvel fans. The Batmobile, along with “Batwing,” also makes a comeback with a whole new construction. Bruce begins extensive hard training to prepare for the inevitable fight with the man of steel. As all of these preparations are being made there is a short scene where a few locals appear to fish out a huge rock glowing green from the crash site of the battle with a suspicious man in a suit there to retrieve it.

This rock deteriorates Kryptonian cells, a fact discovered after experiments on the deceased corpse of General Zod. Bruce Wayne, hearing about this huge piece of Kryptonite, realizes it can be the key to defeating Superman. Batman sets out to intercept it as it makes it way to Lexcorp. Just as Batman is about to retrieve the shipment, Superman appears to hear the gunshots and commotion of the fight between Batman and the henchmen protecting the Lexcorp shipment. Superman comes flying in and throws Batman’s Batmobile into a nearby building, which leads to the story of Clark Kent’s grow of resentment of the Bat.

Superman, also known as Clark Kent, a reporter for the Daily Planet, sees the cruel punishment Batman has been inflicting on the criminals he encounters. Batman has even gone as far as branding some criminals which once in jail have been all killed. It has been known that the mark is basically a mark of death. Clark finds the justice unlawful and merciless.

Clark believes Batman needs to be detained or be supervised further by law enforcement. He thinks the police are not trying to enforce anything and are turning a blind eye to the bat. Clark is receiving heavy backlash after the battle with General Zod, who, like him, is a kryptonian with super strength and during their fight there was a lot of collateral damage. Superman faces lawsuits. Clark also seems nearly jealous that Batman does not get any repercussion for his actions while he is killing people and Clark is not. So their resentment for each other grows even further.

At a party hosted by Lex Luther, both Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne attend, Clark as a reporter and Bruce as a billionaire bachelor. During a toast Lex gives, Superman overhears someone talking through a microphone. Clark looks amongst the crowd and realizes it is Bruce Wayne talking and plotting something. As he walks away from the crowd, Clark first begins to grow suspicious of Bruce and begins to follow him only to lose him in the pursuit.