Career Day Turns to Career Week


Due to six winter weather-related days off from school, Career Day was delayed until late April and was extended to a “Career Week.”
Staff development teacher and career week organizer Debra Plaisance said, “We decided to come up with an alternative where we still do something and have some sense of Career Day because we didn’t want to completely throw it away and so that’s why this came up and it came up later because of timing. It was a shift due to the weather and being creative.”
In recent years, Career Day typically fell around the month of March and consisted of students going to their classes to hear guest speakers discuss how they came to choose and train for their respective posistions.
“Last year, there were multiple emails sent out and there was a list of extra career speakers if you couldn’t find one that they could assign to you,” math teacher Ashley Merwin said. “This year, it just wasn’t made a big deal by higher-upsa��I didn’t even know it was Career Week.”
Instead of presenting guest speakers this year, teachers referred to a website created by Plaisance that planned out the entire week for them. On Monday, April 25, second period teachers were to spend a brief five minutes familiarizing students with the features of the website. On Wednesday, every teacher was to show a five-minute video from the website. On Thursday and Friday, teachers were to complete one of the activities from the website with their classes.
Considering the time constraints of career week, including that there was no school Tuesday, April 26, none of these activities were actually required for teachers and students to follow, as AP and IB students focused on preparing for their tests taking place in the following week.
“Even though it would’ve been nice to participate in career week, I’m just stressing out about my exams,” junior Adi Golan said. “I have three AP tests to study for by next week and there was no way I was going to sacrifice study time for something I could explore on my own after exams.”