Vandalism Sweeps School Vicinity


“The Rock” stands outside in front of the tennis courts, overlooking the Joseph B. Good football stadium. The homophobic spray painted message has now been removed. “The Rock” is a symbolic token, representing the RHS community for generations and students to come.

On many occasions, graffiti in public places could be viewed as a work of art with vibrant colors and intricate designs, but this is not the case with the homophobic messages and phallic symbols left on RHS property, resulting in the removal of the graffiti from the property.
Immature drawings in bathrooms, hallways and classrooms have been common in schools nation-wide, but these “drawings” have escalated recently at RHS, extending to graffiti in and outside .
“Everyone has seen drawings on desks and bathroom stalls, but this has taken it to a whole new level,” freshman Stefan Piedrasanta said.
Earlier in the year, RHS saw spray paint along the wall next to the staff parking lot section and alongside the bus parking lot walls.
As a result of graffiti on bathroom mirrors and scratches that damaged the mirrors, mirrors have been removed from the bathroom walls.
But the normal graffiti and vandalism has extended from the school’s bathrooms and classrooms. Homophobic messages have been spray painted on “The Rock,” the large rock that stands at the far end of the football field next to the tennis courts, and phallic symbols have been found on the concession stand in the stadium.
“I wish I knew who did it,” senior Brandon Taylor said. “Spray painting our Rock is one thing, but making homophobic messages takes it to a whole new level.”
Vandalizing school property is a direct violation of the student code of conduct for MCPS, which states, “I take pride in promoting a safe and clean learning environment at my school.”
Also listed in the MCPS code of conduct, Destruction of Property (violation 806) states that intentional damage to property of MCPS, staff or other students may lead to response levels two, three, four and five, and the punishments range from teacher-led and/or administration supported responses to long-term administration supported, out-of-school exclusion and referral responses.
Although the security department at RHS could not directly speak about how they plan to stop the increasing amounts of vandalism and graffiti on school grounds, Security Team Leader Albert Camut said, “Security is monitoring the situation very closely.”