First Season of Locally Based Reality Show Comes to A Close


Graphic by Kate Horwich

Bravo’s newest installment of the Real Housewives franchise aired the first of its two-part reunion Sunday April 10, marking and end to the highly anticipated local drama profiling the lives of six Potomac area women.

The last episode of the season left fans with a long-awaited proposal and unsettled disputes. Many of these tensions came to the surface in Sunday night’s reunion, where the women argued over issues of infidelity, promiscuity, financial insecurity, marriage, and even race.

Race, in particular, has been a central subject throughout season one and questions over one’s personal identity sparked several disagreements among the ladies. Katie Ross, who identifies as biracial, was frustrated by what she deemed ignorant statements by Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon. Katie remarked, “I don’t wake up every morning and say ‘oh its a Wednesday how black am I feeling today?a��”

Some of the highlights of the reunion include Ross announcing that her engagement has been called off, accusations that Karen Huger is not in fact the “queen of Potomac,” and the possibility of Dixon reuniting with her divorced husband who’s been seen alongside her throughout this season.

Local residents have been pleased with the reality show this season and look forward to future seasons. Senior Jonathan Garcia, an avid viewer of the Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP), said “I really enjoyed watching this season and it’s been so interesting seeing the drama evolve among these women who live in Potomac, which is so close to Rockville.”

Many argue that Potomac was an unusual choice of location for the show, but this is what makes the show truly unique. Although the entire franchise thrives on the affluent Potomac women competing with one another, the several other dimensions of etiquette, race, and class make the show one of a kind. Yes, the drama is overdone and sometimes incoherent but reality television is known for straying from reality.

So, there may not be elegant galas and fundraisers every night in Potomac or daily fights over proper etiquette among regular Potomac women, but RHOP is surely on its way to be as popular as the other Real Housewives cities.