New Trash Cans Do Not Solve Old Trash Problems


In attempts to either boost environmental conservation or the school’s appearance, new and improved trash cans have been spotted around the halls of RHS.

The new setup comes with three bins, to separate trash, papers and bottles, even though most students will just toss their waste and not care which one it ends up in. But hey who cares, it’s all trash and at least they look good, right?

Wrong, it only shows the priorities of our school. The lack of importance for environmental awareness may not be a worry for most students, but the few who know the impact of our ecological footprint on the planet want to see some green initiative programs in place.

“I wish more people were aware of the little part each person plays in keeping the Earth clean and sustainable for human life,” senior Oscar Portillo said.

The school should place more importance on educating students and promoting environmental friendly habits and the consequences of ignorance to these ways. With the condition of the Earth headed in the wrong direction, the significance of something so common sense is higher than ever.

“Does RHS really need to set aside a budget so narrow for trash bins for the only purpose of having an aesthetic look?” sophomore Reda Bentahar questioned in her Letter to the Editor in the March 2016 issue of the Rampage.

Spending money on new trash cans will not encourage kids to throw away trash and recycle. That money could have better been spent on ways that promote environmental conscience actions.

One community event that takes place each year to protect the beautiful nature surrounding RHS is the Rock Creek cleanup. Families from the community come out to scavenge the woods for any trash, from plastic bags to tires. Every year people pull up some of the most bizarre things, that leave people wondering who would dump their waste there.

This year’s Rock Creek Clean up is happening Saturday April 16th at the entrance on Russett Road. Not only is this initiative extremely beneficial to Mother Nature, but it is a fun time. With more advocation for environmental awareness, people will realize this and how good it feels to care for our home.