RHS Alumna Pursues Music Career and Performs at Collective


Contributed Photo

Alumna Korbyn Carleton started off singing on stage in the RHS auditorium, and is now taking her passion for music to the next level.

After graduating in 2015, Carleton chose to pursue her career as a musician after the release of her first EP, titled “Impermanence.” Recently, Carleton was chosen to perform at the AXE Collective Powered by Spin in Austin, Texas, as a part of their “Find your Magic” campaign.

“Their concept of this competition was to reach out to aspiring artists and give them their big break and find their magic, or help express what their “magica�� is,” Carleton said.

Carleton, along with four other up-and-coming artists, was hand-picked by John Legend to perform in the collective after submitting a video entry of her original song “Norma Jeane (This Ain’t Hollywood).” Carleton was then brought to SXSW in Austin, Texas, to perform at the Belmont alongside well-known artists such as John Legend, Rae Sremmurd and Aluna George.

“This was such an amazing experience! It gave me [insight] to the big world of the music industry because all it takes is that one big break to make it,” Carleton said.

Currently, Carleton is not entirely sure what the future holds for her as a musician, but she plans to continue working on new music, as well as audition for Disney Broadway. Carleton is planning to move to New York City in the fall to attend Make-up Designory (MUD). However, if necessary, she will put that on hold to focus on her music career.

“I may not make it “biga�� but my goal is to share my love of music with others no matter how big or small the audience,” Carleton said.