Staff Gushes Over Revitalized Cinematic Universe


The influence the Star Wars franchise transcends generations since the first movie came out in 1977. RHS teachers have been deeply influenced by the series and still view it has being very important to them.
English teacher Sharon Lee is but one of many avid Star Wars fans in the school. Lee is in love with the story behind the original trilogy, which deals with internal conflict and other themes.
Lee has been a fan since the first movie came out in 1977; however, she holds little love for the recent prequel trilogy.
“I remember seeing the first film of the prequel trilogy with other hardcore fans and watching it again right after in another theater, assuming that the wooden dialogues were the result of the sound system in the first theater,” Lee said.
Despite her disappointment with the prequel trilogy, she remains hopeful for the new trilogy. Lee’s love for the series is also reflected in her huge collection of Star Wars merchandise, which has grown over the years.
English teacher Dana Sato holds the series very close to her heart. She is such an avid fan that she has read numerous books that continued the story from the movies, such as “The Jedi Academy Trilogy” by Kevin J. Anderson.
These books are all part of a collection of numerous comics, games and other media known as the Expanded Universe (EU). To her dismay, the EU was recently categorized as not a part of the official canon. “I was so upset; I even named my dog after a character in the EU,” Sato said.
Nonetheless, Sato remains hopeful for the new trilogy and hopes that it will incorporate elements of the expanded universe.
If she lived in the Star Wars Universe, Sato would be a sith apprentice, which is an individual who has fallen to the Dark Side.
History teacher Adjua Adama is perhaps the most avid Star Wars fanatic at RHS A collection of figurines decorate his classroom, indicating that he is a huge fan.
Adama’s passion for history was ignited by the appealing nature of Star Wars lore. “The films draw a lot from religious mythology and human history and I appreciated that so much,” Adama said.
Adama’s passion for music was also inspired by Star Wars. He loved John William’s score for the films so much that he began playing the clarinet. He has even won a state medal in both Michigan and Maryland for his playing.
Adama is also a licensed pilot and has admitted that his interest in the numerous spaceships he observed in the films did further his desire to pursue piloting.
“Although the technology seen in the films may not be scientifically accurate, the many ships are inspired by real life aircrafts and I get excited when I hear the engine of a plane start because it reminds me of the films,” Adama said.