Morning Announcements Undergo Flashy Changes

Morning announcements, while informational, are often ignored by students. Teachers are able to get their classes quiet, but they cannot get students to actively pay attention.
This year’s morning announcements have gotten an upgrade, so students are more interested in the show and can get crucial information.
Changes to the morning announcements this year include the replacement of the anchors’ tables with couches, a new introduction to the show, increased use of graphics and club commercials, an editorial section on Wednesdays called “Sophie’s Suggestions” featuring sophomore Sophie Blondel and a “Highlight of the Week” section on Fridays.
These features make the announcements, now named “Wake Up Rockville!”, feel relaxed and informative, with a uniquely Rockville flair, whereas previously, anchors sat stiffly at the tables and often looked very nervous.
“The new features were part of an effort to challenge the students who make the morning announcements,” English and TV production teacher Dana Sato said, “We’re part of the Journalism Academy a�� I wanted them to do things that were more journalistic.”
New graphics that provide information, like club meetings for the day and commercials produced for clubs and events, made by the TV production students, improving the morning announcements significantly.
“It’s more interesting a�� it’s more difficult, but it really was getting boring beforehand,” junior Maise Rocke said. Rocke is one of the students who produces the “Wake Up Rockville!” show. “Some people will probably pay more attention,” Rocke continued.
The announcements provide important information for students’ daily activities and after-school clubs, as well as information on upcoming special events and holidays to fit in with their corresponding schedules.
Now that information is conveyed in a more concise and visually appealing manner, students are able to receive it quickly, and they do not have to watch several announcements about other club meetings before hearing information that is important to them.
“We don’t want to produce something no one is connected to,” Media Services Technician Steven Mirman said.
These changes have made the announcements better, and while there is still room to improve — teaching the anchors to not be as stiff, for instance — the effort to make them better is evident. If they were not before, the announcements are now certainly worthy of students’ attention.