Top 5 Exam Tips

Exams are upon us. The coming week is often a stressful one for students – but being prepared can help.

Here are some tips to help get you as ready as possible for exam week:

  1. Turn in all your work and pay obligations. Tie up any loose ends before the exams start. Get your class grades as high as possible and remember to pay any money you owe the school – no use preparing for exams if you are not allowed to take them!
  2. Ask your teachers for help. If something in one of your classes confuses you, ask your teacher to explain. They are there to help you, and it is important to understand all of the concepts of a subject before taking the exam.
  3. Study, study, study! Do you think you have all those math formulas and science facts down pat? Think again! Study even if you think you do not have to. But no last minute cramming – plan study sessions for each of your classes well before the corresponding exam.
  4. Get your rest and eat a good breakfast. Instead of studying the night of the exam, use that time to sleep. In the morning, be sure to eat breakfast to fill your stomach. A well-rested, well-fed student is one ready to take on anything the county throws at them.
  5. Make sure you have materials. There is nothing worse than showing up to a math exam without a calculator or an English exam without a pencil. Before you walk out the door, be sure to have everything you need to take the exams for the day.

Follow these tips to have a successful exam week – good luck, Rockville!