Young Bucks Lead Charge to Glory on the Ice


Temperatures have dropped, Christmas shopping has started, clocks have fallen back — you know what that means — hockey season has begun!
Contrary to what the team name implies, the Rockville-Magruder team is composed of more than just their students. Nine players attend RHS, four attend Magruder and four players attend various private schools.
The team lost five seniors, in addition to female players Johanna Trout and Chrissie Chasanov, who are now playing for a club team, The Pride. However, the team has gained new freshman talent and head coach Michael Gifford believes that the team will be able to maintain and rebuild their skill and power throughout the season.
RHS senior captain Erik Blautzik has high hopes for his final season. “[The team has] grown a lot over the years. We’ve all developed strengths and weaknesses. As captain, I hope that I can lead my team to playoffs,” Blautzik said.
Loyal hockey fans have been waiting eagerly for the winter season to begin and watch these ice stars shine on the rink. “I’m excited for this season to see how they play and to see the underclassmen moving up,” senior Laura Kjellman said.
The team is working with a new goalie for the 2015-16 season. Alongside RHS senior goalie Avery Eng, RHS freshman Nick Corbin has stepped up to display his talent between the goal posts.
“Nick has played well in the practices he’s been able to make so far,” Gifford says. “I hope that having both him and Avery on the team will create some competition between the two and elevate the level each of them are playing at,” he continued.
After the departure of the senior class of 2015, the team lost many of their goal scorers. However, Gifford plans to focus on defensive skills to make up for the lost offensive capability.
“I expect we’ll be competing at the top of our division again this year,” Gifford said. The team has one win & two losses so far.