ATL Teaches Students How to Learn


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Approaches to Learning (ATL) students held an ATL Experiment Showcase Oct. 20 in

Room 2055 by conducting experiments to learn about learning.


The experiments centered on how well students focus with and without smartphones.

Topics included the effects of music on studying and having a phone out when attempting to



Junior Michael Paraboschi summed up his results, saying,”(Our experiment) showed that

students were able to engage (while listening to) rap music.”


ATL is designed to prepare students for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at

Rockville High School. These experiments were specifically designed to improve skills needed

to succeed in IB, such as critical thinking and time management.


ATL teacher Aaron Taylor explained why he chose this assignment for students.


“It’s all about developing critical thinking and time management skills, which are big

parts of the first semester of ATL,” Taylor said.


Junior Tanner Cohn said the experiments were helpful. “I’m learning to be a better

critical thinker,” he said.


Skills developed in ATL “provide a solid foundation for learning independently and with

others,” according to the IB website, and also help students demonstrate learning through

projects based on the real world.


ATL also focuses on giving students a way to prepare for careers, including those in the

fields of child development, justice and law, and culinary arts and hospitality.


Academic findings and social interaction are at the heart of ATL, making it a hotbed for

both student engagement and academic success.


“Learning how to learn is social and fun,” junior Laura Carey said.


Contributed Photo
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