More Gym?


Weight Training is one of the PE classes offered at RHS — photo by Alisa Bargeski

Weight training is one of the physical education classes offered at RHS. -- Alisa Bargeski

According to New York Times Well Blog, exercise increases the activity of neurons in one’s brain, which improves one’s thinking. MCPS policy mandates that only one gym credit is necessary in roder to graduate from high school.

Gym teachers at RHS believe that gym should be taken every year because it will benefit the fitness of the students. Athletic Director Paul Fahrner said, “Students need a chance to get out of the classroom and be active.” Obesity is a major problem among teens in the United States; between 16 and 33 percent of children and adolescents are obese in America according to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

The gym classes offered at RHS include general physical education, commonly known as P.E., as well as aerobics, weight training, volleyball, soccer, street hockey, dance and basketball. All of these classes are offered to get students engaged in physical activity. Freshman Jasmine Haddad and sophomore Blaine Pierce agreed that there needs to be more variety in the gym classes offered; Pierce suggested a football class. With more variety, more students will want to participate in gym.

Another benefit of a physical education class is that it keeps one awake in school. One is more alert and aware after one has participated in physical activity. Principal Dr. Debra Munk said, “Physical activity helps activate the minda�� exercise increases your memory.”

Back in the day, gym was required every year. Students had showers where they rinsed off after class and could not leave until they were clean. Now, students go to the locker room, get changed, go to gym, then come back and change back into their clothes. The showers no longer get put to use; as a matter of fact, they probably have cobwebs in them.

Overall, students agree that something needs to be done in order to get kids to have more physical activity in their daily schedule. If gym were to be required for more than just one year, imagine how many students would stay awake in class or maintain a fit figure. There are only positive outcomes to making students take more than one year of gym class.