Parking Changes Cause Controversy


Returning to school this year, many new and old drivers alike were surprised when they were abruptly told to park at the back of the school. The relocation upset those looking forward to the school tradition of parking in the front of the school.
“Students, especially seniors, have always enjoyed parking in the front of the school,” senior Xavier Daschner said. “The changing of parking is not too big of a deal; it’s just that I see no reason for a change from how it has always been, especially when nothing negative has ever happened.”
The two rows where students parked in previous years now look barren, with only a few cars parked there. Due to this, students wonder what factors went into this decision.
“The issue for me was the safety for students who were parking in the front and trying to get through cars who were trying to drop off,” Principal Billie-Jean Bensen said. “It wasn’t intended to be a punishment.”
Bensen also mentioned that this change will allow school security to monitor students coming and leaving school property through the four cameras on the driveway to the back lot since student parking will be in a single, condensed area. In addition, the change will allow for additional parking space in the front of the school for visitors or students with abbreviated or half-day schedules.
Some might complain that it takes longer to get to a class on the opposite side of the school from the back parking lot. To this, Bensen suggests that students get to school a little earlier than when they parked in the front parking lot.
After-school traffic in the driveway as the buses wait to leave pose another problem. Fortunately, students only have to wait a few minutes until the buses leave, and there is a direct route to Baltimore road. Compared to the backup of the front parking lot in the past, where both students and parents came and left, the back parking is less problematic.
Although it is uncertain how necessary this change was, some students look at the relocation from a positive perspective and think it can actually be a beneficial change.
“The change has created a nice hangout spot compared to being right next to Baltimore road,” senior Hunter Kline said. “We no longer have to rush out of the parking lot to get home, instead we just socialize until the buses leave, then have a very straightforward exit and ride home.”
Having all the students parking in one area is very convenient for administration and security. “I like it, because students are no longer going in the path of cars dropping off,” Security Team Leader Bert Camut said. “Eventually, everyone will adjust to the change and the change will work out very well.”
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