Chinese Foreign Exchange Students Visit RHS

Rockville students opened their homes to eight Chinese students from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2. The students are from our sister school, School 125 in Beijing, China. The previous spring break, nine Rockville students went to visit and stay with students in Beijing, and now Rockville has returned the favor.
Along with staying in Rockville for four nights, the foreign exchange students also visited Los Angeles, New York City, Niagara Falls, Boston and D.C. This was the students’ first time visiting America. During their days at Rockville, visiting students went to different classes in the school including cooking, yoga, math etc. The second day they shadowed their buddy for the entire day.
Coordinator of the trip and English teacher, Dana Sato said, “I really like showing off the cool things Rockville has to offer that they don’t, it shows perspective of the difference of our countries and schools.”
Chinese students then went home with their Rockville host students and lived in their homes for the week.
Senior host James Pierre said, “It awesome how Feng and I have now both visited each other’s homes and have been introduced to each other’s cultures.” Pierre visited Chinese student, Feng last spring break in China.
Pierre took Feng to and Orioles game one night to give him a glimpse of the all American life. Feng had never been to a baseball game before.
Feng said, “I like that I stayed with James because he is funny and we like to play basketball together.” Rockville will be staying in touch with School 125 and is planning to continue participating in the exchange program.