Fetty Wap Fails to Impress Fans


Sophomore Grace Goodman listens to “Boomin” on Fetty Wap’s new album “Fetty Wap” during class using the spotify premium app. Madi Poulin –The Rampage

Fetty Wap’s self-titled debut album lacks the likeability, charm and individuality the rapper had displayed earlier this year in his previous music.
Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell, first exploded onto the music scene last spring with the release of the unexpected hit “Trap Queen.” Although the pop-rap crossover was well-received initially, it seems like Fetty Wap has just remixed his one hit into an entire album.
Calling Fetty Wap a one-hit wonder would be inaccurate, as three of his singles (“Trap Queen,” “679” and “My Way”) made the top 11 of the Billboard Top 100 last August, an impressive feat. However, Fetty Wap seems to be caught in a creative slump, seeing as all of these major hit singles are the only standouts from his debut album. The other 14 songs either sound all alike or similar to other unlikeable mainstream rap songs.
“Boomin” just sounds like another uninspired Migos single. This wouldn’t be bad if Migos was a successful pop-rap group in 2015. However, the comparison is unflattering, as that group has faded into obscurity; Fetty Wap could do the same if he continues on this track.
Fetty Wap opens several songs with a heavily autotuned “Yeah baby!” The only exeption is on the oddly slow song, “I Wonder.” This track stands out, but not in a good way, as it lacks the catchiness and upbeat charisma that made Fetty Wap famous and instead replaces it with a darker tone reminiscent of Rae Sremmurd.
The album, while successful in melody, lacks depth. Maybe if you limit yourself to Fetty Wap at functions only, his act may please you. On, a 17-track album, though you cannot copy an unexpectedly popular song and expect similar results. Although his target audience may enjoy hearing 16 more versions of “Trap Queen,” to remain relevant artists must show growth.
It was the overall catchiness and distinctive differences of “Trap Queen” that made it escape from the shadows of the Internet and enter the mainstream pop charts. But, Fetty Wap does not make the same jump overall, leaving only a Soundcloud mixtape impression.