New Year Brings New Main Office Staff


The RHS family introduced seven new main office staff members to accompany Principal Billie-Jean Bensen for the 2015-16 school year.
RHS welcomes Principal Intern Elizabeth Sandall, Main Office Secretary I Marilyn Rossie, Assistant Principal John Haas, Assistant School Administrator Monica Abuliak, School Business Administrator David Stough, School Financial Specialist Aleyda Portillo-Holsey and Administrative Secretary Melissa Roller.
Even with so many unfamiliar faces working in the same office, the new staff members agree that their transition into RHS has been smooth and easy.
“Everyone is so friendly and has made me feel so welcome. RHS has a great sense of community. I am thrilled to be here,” Roller said.
All new staff members have experience in MCPS, ranging from elementary school to high school. The switch to high school has been a shock for some, while others are used to the high school atmosphere. Haas, for example, has worked at five schools during his 17 years in MCPS, so he is used to changes in scenery.
“There is always some intimidation or apprehension when in new setting, but it does not last long. The main office and the administrative team is gelling and creating positive changes,” Haas said.
With so many students coming in and out of the main office, student interactions and problem solving are key to an effective staff. Senior main office aid Khidr Dockery has been impressed with the professionalism and capability of the new staff to approach difficult situations.
“It’s interesting to see how easily they handle things. They are very professional and I can tell that they know how to deal with high school students and staff,” Dockery said.
While the transition to a new school can be intimidating, the new main office staff believe that they are ready to effectively work together to create a positive environment for learning.
Rossie said, “The school spirit is contagious and I’m glad I have caught it.”