CON: Include Juniors in Senior Fun


Glitzy prom on the Baltimore waters, emotional and liberating graduation, and raucous beach week. These three events mark milestones as seniors head off from high school to the real world, but some believe prom should be open to juniors, too.
RHS alumna Sophia Dillon said, “I think prom should be for seniors only because it’s more special to have a dance only for the senior class. It’s more memorable to have it just one year of high school and it should be celebrating the graduating seniors.”
Although some juniors, sophomores and even freshmen are taken to prom by seniors, the event is generally senior-dominated and should continue that way, as allowing a whole other class to come would dilute the value for the senior class.
Juniors at RHS are not in favor of a junior-senior prom. “I don’t want the junior class at my prom next year,” junior Mary-Kate Barrett said. “There are tons of whole school events like homecoming, football games and pep rallies that all students can attend, but prom should be for the seniors only.”
Prom is held on “The Spirit of Baltimore” boat in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Allowing another entire class to attend prom would simply not work in terms of space.
The after-prom party is another huge factor in the choice of having a senior-only prom. The event is held in the Longwood Community Center in Olney, featuring fun activities like laser tag, moonbounces and great prizes.
But the after-party has its limit as well. Allowing more students to attend would exceed the space available in the Longwood Community Center. RHS should stick to tradition and keep the classic senior-only prom which we have been known and loved for years.