Casey’s Coffee House Serves Up


Casey’s Coffee House is a new addition to the Rock Creek Village shopping center. The inexpensive prices and convenient proximity to RHS make it a great area for students to hang out and drink coffee. –Sophia Johns

After the loss of Caribou Coffee in the Rock Creek Village Shopping Center, many turned to Safeway’s Starbucks for their fix of fresh coffee. However the Rockville community was pleasantly delighted to discover that another coffee shop would be moving into Caribou’s old space: Casey’s Coffee House.

With an assortment of teas, coffees, smoothies and other beverages as well as filling bakery-style breakfast options, Casey’s menu is not much different than Starbucks’ and Caribou’s. However, their prices rival that of their competitors, never exceeding five dollars for a drink.

Going in for breakfast, I knew I wanted something that would fill me up for the day. I immediately gravitated towards the variety of sandwiches they had and an iced beverage. I ordered a medium iced chai tea frappe and an egg and cheese bagel, and was beyond pleased when my order came out to under $10, coming out to be around $6.50 for my meal.

Other coffee shops in the area have high prices for average beverages, However, the quality of Casey’s drink was even with, if not better than, the other shops and I was able to leave with more cash in my wallet.

The frappe was blended perfectly with none of those obnoxious chunks of ice so frequently found in blended frozen drinks. The spice was not too overwhelming and just right. The only issue I can complain about would be the brainfreeze I got after drinking it down too quickly.

For the bagel, I was anticipating something on the greasy side. However, it was not soggy and tasted much more fresh than the pre-frozen food items usually sold at other shops.

Students looking for a cheaper alternative to Starbucks should try Casey’s for their prices and location. The outdoor seating makes for a cool location to hang out with friends after school with a mellow atmosphere.