Student Empowerment Drive Promotes Giving Back to Democracy

Montgomery County Board of Elections “Future Vote” program is working with student ambassadors to engage school systems in the electoral process.

A Student Empowerment Drive is being held May 21 and May 22 during lunch hours aiming to get students involved in our government. Sixteen-year-olds may register to vote and anyone who will be 17 years or older by April 26, 2016 may register to be an election judge.

“The goal of our program is to empower students to actively participate in our democratic process,” Outreach and Early Voting coordinator Gilberto Zelaya said. In order to be an election judge, one must complete a four hour course, which is available throughout the week at a variety of times to work with student schedules.

Any student of age is encouraged to register to vote. Students who work as an election judge receive either 25 SSL hours or a 180 dollar stipend. “Remember, students don’t have school on election day so what better thing to do with your day off than give back to democracy,” Zelaya said.

Future Vote ambassador and junior Jonathan Garcia helped plan the Student Empowerment Drive. “This is a great opportunity to get involved and expand your opportunities,” Garcia said. If you’re interested in government but busy with everyday life the Student Empowerment Drive makes it simple to participate by coming to you.

It’s important for students to learn about the electoral process and fulfill their civic duty. Social studies teacher Steve Watson agrees. “Any opportunity a student has to learn more about the electoral process and to be involved in government decisions is a wonderful opportunity,” Watson said.